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Journalists are banned from the Nuba mountains. This makes it extremely difficult for International media to cover the war and it’s impact on civilians. Nuba Reports brings together local journalists with professional editors and mentors in order to produce verifiable and compelling dispatches from the front lines.
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Fighting broke out in June 2011 between Sudan’s government and Nuban rebels. Nuba Reports was founded by people living in the region after journalists and NGOs were banned. Our goal is to provide Sudan and the International community with credible and compelling dispatches from the front lines of this conflict and to illuminate the war’s impact on civilians. more

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Celebrating Eid in the Nuba Mountains

Marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy of month of fasting, many in the rebel-controlled Nuba Mountains celebrated Eid today. Although official estimates are unavailable, well over half the population in the Nuba Mountains are Muslim and enjoy the holiday. Praying in an open field for the Eid Salat (Islamic prayers), both men and women alike participate in the Rakats (units). The holiday is celebrated with a small sweet breakfast, normally with dates, donations to the poor and social gatherings with family and friends.


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